How to make Nigiri sushi.
This is a great introduction into making nigiri, not only fish can be used you can create great nigiri with any topping. My favourite nigiri sushi depends on my mood, but usually I will devour a mackerel or salmon nigiri quite happily, however my favourite unusual nigiri was in a K10 restaurant I mentioned it in the nigiri section here!

Kampa Maki Rolls
The cucumber maki is probably the first ever maki that you make when learning to roll maki. I remember rolling a fair  few of these at YO! sushi, looks so simple, yet getting them just perfect is a lot easier than you think once you have done it 4 or 5 times,  get a sushi making kit and have a go .

How to make sushi rice
Now really pay attention to this one as many a sushi is ruined by lousy sushi rice. Rinse and soak and rinse again is imperative in my opinion. Also the quality of your mirin and vinegar play a big part  too.

Making Onigiri Sushi
Onigiri sushi is so simple to make and even though the traditional onigiri is seen here in various shapes it’s just as usual to see round onigiri as well you would add the filling and roll into a ball. (The kids like doing these ones)

ISO California Roll
The inside out California roll is now seen as a classic in the western world.  It’s always a favourite with folks and is definitely one of my favourites too. The mixture of crab cucumber and avocado is just delicious.

Sushi Handrolls
My very first day in a sushi kitchen I stepped into the k10 belt and smiled politely at the guests at the bar around me.Then came a voicec from behind me “Excuse me chef – Can I have a salmon and Avocado hand roll please” I looked around and noticed her finger pointing to a picture on the menu. I could do that, looks just tlike making a small paper pipping bag!

How to make a Sushi Panda Roll…
Ever seen a Sushi roll face? This sushi roll has a lot of ingredients,  I am feeling hungry again .. you too?