This dish is a simple Chinese food. Research shows that broccoli resistance to the composition of cancer. Therefore, we should eat more. Western food often make it in salad. Chinese food is a main dish. I personally think that the same delicious without walnut. Garlic and broccoli is perfect partner. If you agree with my point of view, remember to tell me.
Today’s special named Xilanhua Chao Hetaoren(西兰花炒核桃仁).Xilanhua(西兰花) is broccoli in English.Which Xi(西)means west.Lanhua(兰花) is Orchid in English.Hetaoren (核桃仁)is walnuts in English. Chao(炒) is fried in English.Perhaps you ask why the broccoli called west orchid in Chinese. That is because of the Broccoli, the Chinese did not cultivation, is the introduction from the West.So called Xilanhua(west orchid西兰花).     China’s text has a long history, to understand,you need to carefully study. Perhaps my describe is not very clear here, I am pleased to have interested friends and I discussed in private.

Key material:
Broccoli 300g
Walnut 250g
Garlic 100g

0.5 tsp salt
1 tsp chicken essence
2 tbs olive oil

Before cooking:
1.Clean the broccoli and divide by your hand.
2.Chop the garlic and stand by.
3.Put a little salt and oil in the pot and boil the broccoli about 5 minutes.
4.Pick the cooked broccoli and dry them.

Cooking processes:
1.Add in oil in the pan and pour in the walnut then heat up and stir until well done then pick them out,stand by .
2.Heat up with oil and add in garlic until fragrant then put broccoli and cooked walnut in.
3.Pour in salt and chicken essence ,stir until good combine then dish off.