I know, I know, it’s a tease and a bit unfair to show you a preview of our upcoming book in light of the fact that it’ll be only published and available in German language, for now. Well, for now! But keep your fingers crossed (pretty please) and in return I will keep you posted on what’s happening on the overall licensing front (English, French, Spanish translation, other languages?).

The book is supposed to hit the shelves within the next two weeks and I couldn’t be any happier about our little baby. My friend Coco did a tremendous job with the photography, not to mention all the cute packaging ideas you’ll find throughout the book – we even dedicated a whole chapter to packaging. Besides, the book contains more than 100 recipes that work extraordinarily well as food gifts, always provided with information on shelf life, yield and tips, what to use them for.


Not to mention the jams & jellies, ketchups & sauces, butters & pastes, granolas & bars, cakes & cake mixes, vegetable & fruit preserves, breads & crackers, confits & chutneys, teas & honeys, nuts & nibbles…ich habe dein Buch schon bei Amazon.de vorbestellt. Ich freue mich drauf! Übrigens… Ich bin eine italienische Übersetzerin und könnte gerne dein Buch ins italienische übersetzen 🙂

The sneak preview of the book looks fantastic. The photography is beautiful and the recipes are very intriguing. Good luck with everything!
I hope the English version will not be far behind the German one!
MagdaThe content and photography look amazing – and I LOVE homemade salad dressings! In fact, as a kid I’d never had bottled dressing until going to a friend’s house for dinner and being very confused. My mom made them from scratch, a blessing and a curse. Looking forward to an english copy someday soon!