Who doesn’t love eggs? They’re round and fragile and delicious! They can be prepared in innumerable ways, either as a side dish, main course, or even for breakfast… or just a sandwich.

You can boil eggs, scramble eggs, poach eggs, bake them, put them in the basket, whatever!

Some people even like to eat their eggs raw, but we’re not questioning whether that’s a crazy thing to do… not in this post. The purpose of this article is merely explaining how many calories are there in an egg.

It depends on the size of the egg, of course… but generally speaking you will find up to 90 calories in a single egg. Rather, you’d be hard pressed to find a chicken egg big enough to include more than 90 calories (if you were thinking about ostrich eggs, now that’s a different story). To be more exact, let’s see the average calories relative to egg size.

1 small size egg: 50 calories

1 medium size egg: 65 calories

1 large size egg: 75 calories

1 extra large size egg: 85 calories

1 jumbo size egg: 90 calories

Remember, these are average numbers. The point is helping you understand how many calories you’re gulping down every time you eat an egg. But remember the means of preparation is also important. For example, fried eggs are more caloric than boiled eggs, for instance. That’s because they’ll absorb some of the oil you fry them on, making them a bit more unhealthy. Keep that in mind, as well!

Actually, let’s forget about the calories for a while, and check out a gallery with egg pictures. Seriously! Scroll and you’ll be surprised, then curious, then delighted, and then you’ll totally get the munchies for an egg. Enjoy!