In a post on Monday, Minecraft creator Notch shared what he called an “information dump” but I will eloquently refer to as “The State of Minecraft Address”. He spoke about some of he and his team’s plans for the upcoming year, stating that the full release of the game would more than likely be out in 2011 (date tentative). He went on to talk about his development strategy, saying:

Because I want to avoid us just focusing on reaching release, I suggested that we should dedicate 50% of the development time in Minecraft towards adding fun new stuff. Basically, any developer working on the game (two people at the moment) can just come up with something they’d want to add on a day-to-day basis, as long as the rest of the team thinks it’s a decent idea. If it ends up being fun, it gets added.

With that, he mentioned the addition of cake, an edible item that will be featured in an update on Thursday. He’d said before that if Minecraft won the Mod Db Indie Game of the Year Award than cake would be his gift to the Minecraft community, although I’d have preferred something that wasn’t so full of empty calories. I can’t imagine anyone else being as excited as me about a powdered spirulina dietary supplement making its way into the game, but a guy can dream.

Minecraft continues to impress and with the possibility of a million copies sold, it looks to be a game that is going to have the support and resources needed to keep fan hopelessly addicted. Oh, and I’m serious about the spirulina, especially for you malnourished Minecraft fans.