Serves 2
For the dressing:
honey 1 tsp
white wine vinegar 2 tbsp
fennel seeds 2 tsp
beetroot 1 small, red, white or candy
cobnuts or hazelnuts a handful
apples 2 small
lemon juice 1 squeeze
figs 4
blue cheese 200g

Put the honey in a bowl, then combine with the white wine vinegar. Lightly crush the fennel seeds using a pestle and mortar then add them. Peel and thinly slice the beetroot then push the slices into the marinade, turning them over so they are thoroughly coated. Set aside and leave for a good hour.

If you are using fresh cobnuts, crack open the shells and extract the nuts. Don’t toast them, simply cut them in half. If you are using hazelnuts then toast them in a dry, shallow pan and rub them in a dry cloth until the skins flake off. You may need more than one attempt. Cut the nuts in half.

Cut the apples in quarters and remove the core. Slice into thin wedges and toss briefly in a little lemon juice to stop discolouring. Tear the figs in half. Toss together the apples, figs and nuts, and pile on plates. Set the beetroot slices among them. Break the blue cheese into large pieces and tuck into the salad. Trickle the marinade from the beetroot over the salad.