There’s a very famous saying that what would life be if there were no love, music and chocolates?

Probably, there are few people who would refuse to eat a bit of tasty high-quality chocolate, while others will even never treat other people with their chocolate dose as they really go crazy over chocolate. Chocolate is always connected with love. Many people confess that the emotions one receives while holding small bits of chocolate inside the mouth are similar to those a person gets being in love. Besides, the scientists have proved the fact that eating chocolates causes secreting of endorphins, the so called hormones of happiness. But this is far not the only advantage of eating chocolate. However, the most useful chocolate is considered to be the one that contains no sugar but with the highest amount of cocoa.

Nowadays, the market offers a great variety of different types of chocolate. Probably, the main disadvantage of chocolate is that it’s a high-calorie product. But if you’ve decided to eat the sugar free chocolates it’s a completely right decision as this type of chocolate has a reduced number of calories. The two major components of chocolates adding calories are milk and sugar. In addition, it’s important to mention, that cocoa contains a great amount of flavonoids able to reduce the risk of cancer.

So, be aware the darker the chocolate is, the more cocoa it contains and the more useful it is for your health. Besides, dark chocolate contains less sugar and milk adding to the number of calories. In fact, sugar free chocolate sweets are created for diabetics. The content of sugar and milk in this chocolate is low, while the content of cocoa is high. Highly appreciated kind of chocolate is the Whey Chocolate that contains the most important nutrients which can be used even by diabetics.

As you can see, sugar free chocolate, as well as sweets, contain more antioxidant in comparison with green tea or red wine. Dark chocolate also offers a high content of flavonoids useful for the human heart. It deals with the blood platelets and wards off blood clotting.

A great research that was conducted among 8000 Harvard men students has proved that abstainers live no longer than chocoholics. Evidence displays that cocoa contained in chocolate is full of antioxidants, which help to prevent heart diseases, purify the blood and ward off strokes. The professional and experienced scientists completely agree with this fact.

By the way, it was also proved that eating big amounts of cocoa can reduce the risk of suffering from high blood pressure. People belonging to the Kuna tribe that lives in Panama’s remote islands almost never suffer from high blood pressure. The secret is in big amounts of used cocoa in different foods. The matter is that cocoa contains nitric acid and the nitric oxide that is directly connected with the human blood pressure and is able to regulate it.

Another advantage of sugar free chocolate is that it contains much iron, even more than beef liver does. Besides, it’s the second highest resource of magnesium after seaweed.