The benefits of yogurt are numerous and here are a few things you should know when you have it.

  • The dish is rich in protein is and is preferred for sick people with a delicate digestion as its far more digestible as compared to milk and cream. Even people who are lactose intolerant can consume moderate amount of yogurt as its far easier to digest. Much of the lactose in the milk is also converted to lactic acid by the Lactobacillus thus adding to the ease of digestion.
  • The benefits of yogurt include a large amount of vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which contribute to better health and much better skin.
  • Lactobacillus in the milk-based yogurt helps to boost the human immune system. Eating larger amounts of yogurt can help your body make larger amount of gamma interferon which is responsible for a stronger body and immune system.
  • Yogurt also increases the absorption of calcium into the body. This is because the calcium is absorbed into the lactic acid matrix of yogurt increasing the absorption of calcium into the body.
  • The benefits of yogurt extend to external applications as well. One of the benefits of yogurt is that it can be applied on to skin and hair to make it smoother and shinier. The exact mechanism is unknown but it tends to make skin supple and healthy. Another process is using the benefits of yogurt as a douche. The vagina is filled with a large amount of beneficial bacteria. But frequent infections, use of antibiotics, can destroy the bacteria inside the body predisposing to urinary tract infections and even fungal infections. But local applications of the curdcan return the bacterial population to normal reducing the pain and itching of infections.